Please don’t mix children and exercise equipment. 

Don’t get me wrong- cardiovascular exercise is wonderful and beneficial to your health.  However, exercise equipment is a minefield of injury for small children.  

As a plastic & hand surgeon, I have seen many cases of third degree friction burns from treadmills to the hands and face that require surgical treatment with skin grafting.  Depending upon the location of the injury, long term function and appearance can be dramatically affected.

Last Friday, I had the honor of treating a tough young lady who tangled with a treadmill. She ultimately required small skin grafts to her left hand. Her unicorn blanket waited patiently outside the OR while an amazing #allstar #allgirl surgical team patched her up.  She went home later that day with her parents and unicorns.

She wanted me to remind you that exercise equipment and children don’t mix. The spinning belts, moving wheels, and sharp edges can create a variety of injuries. Never let children under the age of 12 play unsupervised near home exercise equipment.


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